A Beautiful New Testimonial!

A Beautiful New Testimonial!

I’ve received another beautiful testimonial! This one is from a woman who went through a divorce after 25 years of marriage. Here’s how she used the Boyfriend Bonfire Box to renew herself following the divorce.

“Since doing the Boyfriend Bonfire my life has been on an upward positive movement. Some of my friends have asked what was the hardest part of doing the process. I honestly think it was changing my mindset to what positive things can I take from what has been a very negative time in my life. Once I embraced that going through the process was cathartic! I let go of things that happened in my very first relationship and remembered the good things from it that I wanted to experience again! Seriously, within months of completing the journal, having a bottle of wine and a huge bonfire with a girlfriend I was open and ready for what was next. Little did I know what a difference this would make in my new relationship. Four months into a new relationship and instead of looking for all the reasons to break it off now before I get hurt I count my lucky stars for all that we have to offer each other.” – Bev W.

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