The Boyfriend Bonfire Box: A Tool for Divorce

The Boyfriend Bonfire Box: A Tool for Divorce

When we created the Boyfriend Bonfire Box (BFBF) our intention was to offer people a suggested practice, a ritual, to help them move forward following the end of a relationship. We’re learning that the BFBF is more diverse than we had anticipated. Customers who have been moving through the suggested practice are discovering things about themselves, and their relationship, and are now moving with those relationships in a differing way.

Some of our customers are moving through a divorce and find the BFBF ritual is an effective way to be letting go of their ex and moving into their next happiness. One of our customers who used the BFBF following a divorce recently shared her experience with us:

“I am in process of a divorce. My husband decided to have an affair and the proceeded to just dump me for the other woman. He was unwilling to do anything to work on or be in our marriage. This has been a completely devastating process for me. I have been doing counseling and other types of healing work when I came across Ritual in a Box and the Boyfriend Bonfire Box. I attended one of the workshops and absolutely loved the way the Boyfriend Bonfire Box was structured. There is an amazing book that has helped me with various exercises on “coming to terms” with my new reality. The book could be sold separately as a wonderful tool to help anyone thru a divorce. The Boyfriend Bonfire Box is much better than just a book though, it is an entire ritual to help clear the energy and move through a very difficult process. For me, it is too hard to think about coming up with what to do in a ritual, it is nice to have it thought out and then I just had to open the box and do it. The Boyfriend Bonfire Box has been an excellent product to help me through a very difficult time in my life. I am very grateful for the hard work that created such an amazing product.”

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