You can Lose a Relationship and Not Lose Your Self in It

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The feeling of loss about your relationship is a temporary state, but it’s ever present while you’re moving through it. I designed an affirmation wristband that’s included in the Boyfriend Bonfire Box for you to wear as you go.

You’re a person. Not a situation. When you lose a relationship you can forget that you’re worthy of love. You’re a person. You’re love. It’s the situation – the ending or shifting of a relationship – that may cause you to feel unloved, unworthy or unwanted.

I’m suggesting you try reciting the following affirmation, “I release the one that I loved (name of your ex / former love), moving forward onto my own path as the love that I am,”  three times every day for 30 days. I found it gave me a psychological boost, helped me feel centered, and started moving me forward onto my own path. I hope it gives you all that and more!

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