The Parting Tails® Gift Box is a thoughtful gift you can give to yourself or family and friends who have recently lost a pet. It’s a way to honor your beloved pet and acknowledge and process your grief. 

The Parting Tails® gift box

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Kristin Buller, MA, LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker sent us the following testimonial: “As a Veterinary Social Worker, I provide support to many pet owners dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. Parting Tails is a wonderful gift to owners looking for a way to both move through their grief and validate what they are going through. I’m so grateful to Andrea for creating this wonderful healing tool for pet owners!”

How It Works

With the Parting Tails® gift box, you can:

  • Journal as a way to acknowledge and process your grief
  • Create a ceremony for you and your family to honor for your beloved pet
  • Write a letter, draw pictures, or create a collage to identify the gifts you received from your pet
  • Share your letters and drawings with others
  • Offer up wishes and plant seeds to remind you of your beloved pet

What’s Inside

• Guidebook with Stationary Paper
This bite-sized book offers a suggested practice to help move you from a place of broken-heartedness to one of wholeness. The journaling pages can be torn out and planted as part of a ceremony for your beloved pet. There are no set rules for using it. Your heart and mind will show you the ‘right’ way to do this.

• Wish Paper
When we lose a pet, we want them to know how much we loved them – how deeply we wish for just one more day with them. Use this Wish Paper to send that love upward. Write notes to your pet on it and set alight. There’s something so magical about watching the wish float up into the heavens.

• Cleansing & Uplifting Sage
The word sage stems from the Latin word salvia, which translates to “healthy” or “to heal.” Burning sage helps to used clear negative energies and to restore your self-esteem.

• Forget-me-nots Flower Seeds
According to several legends, this flower is a symbol of everlasting friendship, remembrance, and eternal love. Plant these seeds in your garden or a place where you’ll be reminded of your beloved pet.

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