The Parting Tails® gift box is a thoughtful gift you can give to yourself or family and friends who have recently lost a pet. It’s a way to honor your beloved pet and acknowledge and process your grief. 

The Parting Tails® gift box

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Parting Tails® is our themed gift box for honoring your pet, and processing and acknowledging your grief.

With the #PartingTails gift box, you can:

  • Reflect on the relationship with your pet
  • Journal as a way to identify your emotions and what you learned from that relationship
  • Burn cleansing sage to clear your energy and raise your self-esteem
  • Affirm your journey forward
  • Create a simple ceremony
  • Plant seeds to remember them

Our #Parting Tails gift box contains:

  • A #PartingTails journal to help you acknowledge and process your grief
  • A bundle of paper to write a letter to your pet and for children to draw pictures acknowledging the gifts your pet gave them
  • A process to create a simple ceremony to honor your critter
  • A roll of wish paper to send messages to your treasured animal
  • A packet of forget-me-not flower seeds to plant and remind you of your beloved pet

The #PartingTails gift box helps you honor your pet, acknowledge and process your grief, and move you forward into your next happiness.

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