Fire, Ashes and New Directions

Fire, Ashes and New Directions

The Boyfriend Bonfire Box: Getting Back with an Ex?

I recently gave a Boyfriend Bonfire Box (BFBF) to a woman who had broken up with her boyfriend. I was hoping she would try it and provide me with some feedback. As she began moving through the suggested practice, she came to the conclusion that the relationship with her ex-boyfriend was good for her. Consequently, she chose to resume the relationship.

Next, her roommate broken up with her boyfriend and she gave her the BFBF. The roommate moved through the rituals, concluded that she still valued the relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to get back together with him.

The results of my feedback experience: two relationships healed and the BFBF came back to me.

The BFBF’s suggested practice is based on the Laws of Attraction. The basic premise is that one draws to themselves that which matches them. In other words, like energy attracts like energy.

At one time, the roommates and their boyfriends were a match. As the relationships evolved there was a shift or a change. Neither one of them may have been aware of it, but shift happened. And for a while they were not a match.

The BFBF ritual gave each woman an opportunity to see their relationship clearly, to burn off the non-match portion of it, and move forward renewed.

The BFBF is a tool that can be used at any stage of a relationship. (It’s not just for break-ups!) It can be used any time one is in a place of suffering and is ready to move forward into their next happiness – whatever that may be.

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