Ideas for Your Boyfriend Bonfire Party

Ideas for Your Boyfriend Bonfire Party

The lead-up to the bonfire rituals from Ritual in a Box is a completely personalized and customizable experience. If you want to journal, you can. If you prefer to doodle, we prefer that too!

 That means the bonfire ritual itself is open to your fabulous interpretation. Maybe you were a great hostess before the break up and you are ready to reclaim the title of Hostess with the Way Mostest? 

Here are some tips to make the bonfire more than just a burn and make it an on-fire celebration of your next happiness.

Ideas for your Boyfriend Bonfire Party

1. Create a signature cocktail or mocktail.
We’ll be sharing some of our favorites soon!

2. Perfect foods for a perfect party. You can always think spicy, right?
We also love roasted tomato soup, which is easy to scale up for however big your party gets! Here’s a roasted tomato and basic soup recipe from Ina Gartner.

Or, what about a fondue feast after your bonfire?

Here’s a classic cheese fondue. And here’s a chocolate one!

Need more sweet? We found these chocolate fire cookies. Yum.

3. Personalize anything and everything.
Make t-shirts for your friends to wear. Doing a winter fire? Matching beanies or mittens would be a fun memento (Maybe not a scarf over an open flame?).

Make a playlist with empowering songs and songs that make you want to dance. Nothing about broken hearts, all about being whole. Check back for our songlists soon.

4. Get ‘em before they even come through the door.
Send a Boyfriend Bonfire Party invite from an online source like Paperless Post. 
Here are three of our favorites from Paperless Post.


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