How to Personalize Your Ritual

How to Personalize Your Ritual

In the Boyfriend Bonfire Box is a book that I’ve written called, ‘The Boyfriend Bonfire Book.’ It’s a bite-sized guidebook that contains a suggested ritual, or practice, designed to help move you from a place of feeling broken to a place where you are whole and moving forward.

I drew from my experiences to create a customizable practice that I can best describe as a path. This path is intended to help lead you away from a place of loss, pain, and confusion and into a place where you are whole, in your power, and of your own choosing. As we move along the path, I’ll be offering you ways to sort through your emotions to gain clarity. The clarity can help you admit to yourself the truth about your relationship. What I’ve learned is that when you can admit the whole truth—and nothing but the truth—about a relationship to yourself, it brings with it a freedom and a relief that allows you to leave it with love.

I believe people don’t like being told what to do. I also think the most powerful transitions occur when people learn something new about themselves on their own terms. For example, someone telling you, “Your ex-boyfriend and you were not a match and I’ll tell you why…” is a much different experience than you coming to that realization on your own. When you get there on your own, you can recognize what you gained—the gifts from the experience. This can be my gift to you!

To help you personalize your ritual, I’ll share with you some of my stories along with a bit of love, wisdom, and humor. And, I’ll offer you some ideas and suggestions to help make your ritual more powerful, more personal – more you.

I look forward to helping you move forward onto your own path and into your own power! I’d also love to hear about your own story of moving from sadness and anger to happiness and self love. Feel free to share your story here.


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