Rise Up After A Break-Up® Healing Kit



The#RiseUpAfterABreakUp® is our themed healing kit for acknowledging and processing your grief following the loss of a relationship.


With the#RiseUpAfterABreakUp ® healing kit, you can:

  • Reflect on your relationship
  • Journal as a way to identify your emotions, choices, and what you learned, what we like to call the gifts, you received from the relationship
  • Burn cleansing sage to clear your energy and raise your self-esteem
  • Affirm your journey forward
  • Manifest your next happiness by offering up wishes, rooting your intentions, and planting seeds

 Our#RiseUpAfterABreakUp ® healing kit contains:

  • A Boyfriend Bonfire Book – A bite-sized journal with a suggested practice designed to help sort through your emotions, discover your truth about the relationship and set you free.
  • A bundle of stationary paper (20 sheets) – Write yourself a letter acknowledging the gifts you gave yourself during the relationship.
  • A package of Flying Wish Paper (5 sheet packet) – Jot down your hopes and dreams on this unique paper, light it up, and send it upward into the sky.
  • An affirmation wristband – An inspiring affirmation is printed on the inside of the wristband reminding you to move forward.
  • A bundle of dried sage – This wonderful herb clears negative energies, restores self-esteem, and adds a scent to your bonfire.
  • A sheet of seed paper (1 sheet) – Isn’t it time to plant some seeds? Write the attributes you want in your next relationship on this seed paper, plant and watch them grow.
  • A box of matches* – Ignite the spark and start your bonfire. This is the culmination of your journey.

We hope that the #RiseUpAfterABreakUp healing kit helps you let go of your suffering and move you forward into your next happiness.

**Please note that matches are only included in boxes purchased at retail locations. If you are ordering this product online, your #RiseUpAfterABreak-Up® kit will NOT include the matchbox (due to shipping restrictions on hazardous/flammable materials).


Additional information

Weight 1.375 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 x 6.5 x 3 in